First Rogue One Planet Name Revealed


Rogue OneWe’re getting close to the next trailer for Rogue One, as well as reveals at Star Wars Celebration, but today we have found out one of the new planet names in the movie.

This is the name of the tropical world we’ve seen in the trailers. Jedi Bibliothek has some information from upcoming books and the tropical planet is called Scarif.

Remember this is translated via Google from German:

“The construction of the Death Star will take place on a secluded world called Scarif. This would be a beautiful tropical paradise if it were not for the great Imperial military establishment. Whole areas were removed to build ships and to provide the Death Star with material. And up in orbit is a huge docking station that can accommodate several Imperial Star Destroyers. The world is shrouded in impenetrable deflector shields and heavily guarded.”

According to Star Wars Rebels, we know that initial construction of the Death Star was begun on Geonosis before moving somewhere else when the Empire destroyed the Geonosians. Now we know they moved the Death Star to Scarif where construction was completed.