Early Spoilery Details From the Star Trek Beyond Australian Premiere


This past week Star Trek Beyond premiered in Australia. Those lucky people who got to see the movie early did have to sign big NDAs that last until July 21st (the day before the US release), but even with that there are some spoilery details leaking out.

No one has spoiled the big twists and reveals in the movie, but there are some bits that fans would be interested in that were revealed:

  • The tone matches up very well with the Original Series, especially the McCoy/Spock banter, and feels very much like a loving tribute to the 50 year mission.
  • Consensus is that it’s the best of the Kelvin timeline movies, better than the first two.
  • The NX class ship in the trailer isn’t the Enterprise. It’s the USS-Franklin, a Warp 4 vessel dating from around 2160.
  • Leonard Nimoy’s death is addressed in-universe. Spock Prime has passed away and that affects new Spock.
  • Of course we’ve seen the Enterprise destroyed in the trailers, but this won’t be a Star Trek III ending. There is a new NCC-1701-A Enterprise at the end, but it still isn’t a Constitution-class from the Prime universe.
  • The movie is dedicated to both Nimoy and Anton Yelchin.

Also, a YouTube review is spreading around a false rumor that the Borg show up in the movie. According to those who attended the Australian premiere that is absolutely not true.

From everything coming out, it’s sounding like Simon Pegg did a great job writing a Star Trek movie that will satisfy fans of the new crew, as well as long-time Trekkies. Enterprise, a series some fans didn’t appreciate as much as they should, is heavily referenced in the movie and there are call-backs to some Original Series episodes in the form of Easter Eggs.