Warcraft\’s China Distributor Hints at Sequel!


Film Title: WarcraftDespite what happened at the US box office, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft is officially the highest grossing video game movie of all time. That comes thanks to the box office success in China, and now the distributor of the movie there is hinting that a sequel is on the way.

The distributor made this social media post that strongly hints that they’re planning a sequel:

The Warcraft movie basically told a version of the story from Warcraft 1, so there’s a lot of stuff to build on in the next movie. It’s been speculated that a sequel could be produced in China and then see a limited theatrical or direct to video release in the US. We’ll just have to wait and see what they decide, as the first movie was pretty awesome and I’d love to see Duncan Jones get a chance to complete his trilogy.