Will We Get the Episode VIII Title at Star Wars Celebration?


Episode VIII

We’re only a couple weeks away from Star Wars Celebration Europe, and some fans are seriously over-hyping themselves over what we may get out of the convention.

Some Star Wars fans who don’t seem to be aware that there is a Star Wars movie coming out in 2016 are hyping themselves up way too much for reveals about the 2017 Star Wars film. Lucasfilm is seriously focusing on Rogue One this summer, the Star Wars movie that releases this year, but these fans are convincing themselves that we’ll get some kind of Episode VIII blow-out at a Celebration convention that’s meant to prepare people for a new movie this December.

The big thing people want (aside from a trailer, which probably won’t happen either) is the title for Episode VIII. There are fans who are completely convinced that Lucasfilm will further confuse people by announcing the title for Episode VIII at Celebration. The studio is having a hard enough time convincing normal movie-goers what Rogue One is, and revealing too much about a 2017 Star Wars movie could muddy the waters even more.

Not only that, if you look at the history of modern Star Wars title reveals, we didn’t get them until after production wrapped on the movie. Then there’s this Tweet by a writer at JediNews.co.uk, and look who “liked” it:


It’s pretty interesting that Pablo liked a Tweet that was basically telling people to put a brakes on their hype for an Episode VIII title in two weeks. Like the Tweet said, we didn’t get the Episode VII title until November 2014, and it came right after production wrapped (it was actually the end of production announcement). Lucasfilm didn’t even register the domain name for The Force Awakens until the minute they announced the title, so those people mining the IP address of their name server to hunt for a domain name are wasting their time.

Production wraps on Episode VIII on July 22nd, a couple weeks after Celebration. If we were to see a title for the movie this summer, the next day (July 23rd) at the Saturday Hall H SDCC panel makes more sense than at Celebration while the movie is still in production.

Yes, Rian Johnson is showing up at Celebration on the final day. But based on that Tweet liked by Pablo above and the past history of Star Wars title reveals, I won’t be placing big money bets that we’ll see the title there. And the people expecting an Episode VIII trailer (two days after the new Rogue One trailer) are insane. If most we’ll get a tiny clip like the production announcement, or possibly a small behind-the-scenes thing showing some of the location footage everyone has already seen from leaked set pics.

2016 is the year of Rogue One. Star Wars fans need to stop overhyping themselves for a movie that’s a year and a half away and start focusing on the one that’s six months away.