New Rogue One Trailer Coming July 15th!


rogue-one-jyn-ersaIt’s pretty much a sure thing that we’re getting a new Rogue One trailer at Star Wars Celebration Europe this month, but now more confirmation may have leaked out.

This image is going around social media and seems to originate from a Stephan Suhocki on Facebook. It’s a television listing for a showing of the Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey documentary:

What’s interesting is that it says it’ll include a three-minute trailer for Rogue One, and this is airing on July 15th. WABCDT is a New York station, so I looked up the listing myself for the 15th and found this:

That’s also the first day of Star Wars Celebration, when Gareth Edwards will show up in person with Kathleen Kennedy to kick off the convention. Just like the trailer for The Force Awakens kicked off Celebration last year, it looks like a new trailer will premiere there for Rogue One.

This means we only have about two weeks left before we get new Rogue One footage!