Confirmed? Tower of Terror Changing to Guardians of the Galaxy


guardians-galaxy-vol-2-announceEarlier this year, a rumor started to spread that Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror would be changing to a Guardians of the Galaxy theme next year. Disney park fans dismissed the rumor and spent months mocking it, mostly because they didn’t want to believe it, but there have been some developments today.

Firstly one very trusted Disney blogger with great sources on these things has heard that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in California will be closing in September to begin work converting it over to Guardians of the Galaxy. The ride will re-open in May 2017, just in time for the debut of the movie sequel in theaters.

Following that, a source overheard a lead Cast Member from TDA (Team Disney Anaheim) talking about how a “Cosmic Adventure” would be coming to Tower of Terror. Then our friend Jason at MakingStarWars confirmed he was told a while ago that it would be happening:

@Universal__Core I had someone tell me they could confirm the Guardians rumor about a week ago. It was outside my jurisdiction.

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) July 5, 2016


It looks like this is happening now. Prepare for people to freak out and curse Disney, right before lining up on opening day to ride it.