\’Bring Back Legends\’ Wants to be Taken Seriously. Here\’s How.


star-wars-legendsThe Alliance to Restore the Expanded Universe. Bring Back Legends. Give Us Legends. New Republic Historical Office. No matter what you want to call them, there is a movement of a small group of Star Wars fans committed to the original Expanded Universe…and they want it back.

The problem is with how they are trying to get their way. Recently I was alerted to this post by a Legends Facebook group where they were complaining that they don’t have the same “access” to Lucasfilm as other Star Wars fansites. Well, there’s a reason for that and it’s for what some members of the movement have been doing. Some people see these groups as full-on harassment groups who result to immature methods to try to get their way.

If they want to be taken seriously, then they seriously need to police their members and insure the following things do not happen:

  • Do not disrupt panels at a convention where you don’t agree with canon stuff being discussed.
  • Do not accost people at conventions and shove fliers in their face.
  • Do not accuse a fan dying of cancer of being a marketing stunt by JJ Abrams.
  • Do not spam Star Wars spoilers to other fans in an attempt to get Lucasfilm to give into your demands.
  • Do not organize negative Amazon review campaigns to attempt to torpedo a book that isn’t set in the non-canon Legends universe.
  • Do not make YouTube videos threatening violence against people who like all Star Wars canon.
  • Do not harass bloggers who point out the bad things the movement does.
  • Do not brigade Facebook pages with spam reports in an attempt to censor them from reporting on what the movement is doing.

As long as people connected to the “Bring Back Legends” movement and their similar groups are participating in any of the actions above, they’ll never be taken seriously by Disney or Lucasfilm. They can plaster billboards all over San Francisco (where Lucasfilm is) or even Burbank (where Disney is), and no one will take them seriously or give them “access” if harassment and threats are being carried out in their name.

The “Alliance to Restore the Expanded Universe” Facebook group (which is closed so no one can see their organizing posts) did recently expel one user who was posting YouTube videos threatening to kill anyone who liked “Disney Star Wars”. More of that needs to happen. Those who are leading these groups need to ban anyone found to be participating in harassment, and seriously work to restore their image.

Until that happens, most Star Wars fan sites will continue to have a zero-tolerance stance on these groups’ attempts to harass people into submission.