Sony May Release TWO New PlayStation 4s in 2016


ps4-lgFollowing E3 2016 and Microsoft’s Scorpio announcement, people have been knocking them for announcing two systems. But now Sony may release two this year itself. Microsoft will release the “slim” Xbox One S this August, but gamers will have to wait until next fall for the 6 TFLOP monster code-named Scorpio.

Sony has been known for a while to be planning a 4.2 TFLOP PlayStation 4 upgrade code-named Neo for either later this year or March at the latest, but it may be joined by another PS4 in 2016. A new WSJ article on Sony in general talks about that high-end PlayStation 4 that is expected by the end of the year, but an analyst says they also expect Sony to release a slim version of the current PlayStation 4 this year as well. That would make two systems released by Sony this fall.

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S and Scorpio at E3, clueless gaming “journalists” attacked the company for confusing gamers. One is a slimmer version of the current hardware, a revision that happens to every console (and did so twice last gen with each system), and the other is a massively powerful piece of hardware that’s 18 months out. Will these same people attack their precious Sony for releasing two different pieces of hardware in the same year? Doubtful.