New \’Pinewood Studios\’ Star Wars Ep8 Leaker is Another Faker


Episode VIII

Today a website popped up titled “Star Wars From the Set” that claims to be from a person working at Pinewood Studios and is leaking Episode VIII props and info. I explained just the other week why someone who really works at Pinewood Studios would never actually put up a website on GoDaddy that Lucasfilm could easily get information from via a DMCA request, but people want to believe any leak they see.

Except this guy isn’t very bright.

Remember the dumb photoshop of Boba Fett in The Force Awakens? Well whoever put up the site is trying to resurrect that debunked rumor by posting a black Mandalorian helmet and claiming it’s the helm of “Knight 2”.

This is the fake helm he posted, which was just modified in Photoshop on Monday:

The helm was actually taken from this thread on the Replica Prop Forum, flipped, and colored black in Photoshop:

That pretty much debunks the “Star Wars From the Set” website.