Updated: Lucasfilm Did Not Issue a Prequel Ban & Lucas Didn\’t Write a Script




Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo answered some Tweets about the SWNN report in Twitter, and Lucasfilm DID NOT ban the Prequels:

@Tjarll No, it is not.

— Pablo Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) June 29, 2016


And Lucas did not submit a full script:

@PtolemeeBG He did not.

— Pablo Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) June 29, 2016


Here’s something those fans who are desperately clinging to Lucas’ original vision of Episode VII won’t like to hear. Apparently George Lucas submitted a script for Episode VII to Lucasfilm, but was rejected outright.

According to SWNN, there was recently an Art and Industry of Imagination conference in New Zealand. Star Wars concept artist Ian McCaig was there and during the Q&A he revealed that Disney rejected Lucas’ Episode VII ideas due to a complete ban of all Prequel related characters out of the fear of angering the fan-base:

  • Lucas initially wanted nothing to do with VII, but in a short while after pre-production began, he decided he wanted to submit a script. He brought in Ian and another prequel artist (possibly Doug Chiang, I missed the name) to the Ranch to help him realize his concepts. The script was rejected outright, as a result of…
  • Disney’s banishment of anything mildly prequel-related. Usage of prequel-only characters, environments etc were banned, as to not incur the fan base’s wrath.

He also discussed the idea of Anakin/Vader’s Force Ghost in the script, which is actually confirmed with some of the concept art in the “Art of The Force Awakens” book. So that idea lingered for a while. He also made it sound like at least some of Lucas’ ideas did influence the final movie, and we saw that too in the Art of Book where one character George created became Finn and the other became Rey in the final movie.