Avatar Mobile MMO Announced…And No One Cares!


avatarToday news is being spread around about a Avatar massively multiplayer online game to coincide with the release of the three sequels no one cares about.

At first, this could be a good idea. Get a big PC developer to make an online game set in Pandora. That’d be awesome. I’d actually play it, as that’s a cool world to explore.

But then you continue reading about the MMO. And as the story goes on it then names the developer.


It’s a mobile game. A mobile-only Avatar “MMO”. Talk about the biggest way to flush a potentially good game idea right down the toilet. You’re making a game based on a franchise no one cares about on a platform no serious gamer really gets excited for.

Chances are this won’t even be a traditional “MMO” like FFXIV, WoW, or even that “Order & Chaos” mobile-WoW rip-off. A lot of times mobile game marketers will use “massively multiplayer” to describe any type of mobile game that has a multiplayer component. So this could be a base-battle game like Clash of Clans, or even some dumb city-builder. Either way, it’s going to disappoint everyone.

So great job Cameron. No only do you have three sequels people aren’t exciting for, you whored out the franchise to a developer and platform people really laugh at!