Suicide Squad is Two Hours Long (Not 100 Minutes)


suicide-squad-trailer-2Last week, there were a lot of panicked reports after Fandango incorrectly said that Suicide Squad would only be 100 minutes long. David Ayer quickly debunked the report, but the damage was done and people were scared that the movie would be too short.

Today sources of Collider are saying that the final runtime is actually 2 hours and 10 minutes. That makes it just over two hours without the end credits. That still makes it much shorter than the theatrical cut of Batman V Superman, and a full hour shorter than the three-hour Ultimate Edition.

For the type of movie Suicide Squad is, a two-hour runtime sounds just about perfect. Early reviews from numerous test screenings over the summer have been extremely positive, so we’ll see how awesome it is in just over a month when it hits theaters.