Microsoft Shutting Down Xbox Fitness


xbox-fitness-shutdownToday users of the Xbox Fitness app on the Xbox One were greeted by an image announcing the service was shutting down. The above image is from a user on Reddit who noticed and announced it to the world that the service that many people spent a lot of money in will be shutting down in one year.

Starting today people can no longer buy new workouts in Xbox Fitness, but all the workouts they previously purchased will work for one more year before going away forever. After December of this year the “free with Gold” trial will no longer work, and on July 1st 2017 the entire service will shut down forever and you’ll lose access to all the content you’ve purchased. This is a pretty big issue as some of those workouts were expensive, such as the P90X one that went for $60.

The Redditor who posted the image attempted to contact Microsoft about a refund, and it looks like people who spent real money in this Xbox app will be out of luck:

I have communicated with our advocacy team and here is the thing about this issue.

I tried to request for the refund that you are asking for and they are now working on it. As of now, it is not yet available however since they have confirmed that you have receive this message for the app, they are working on it now to get a refund for you. As soon as the refund is available, we will let you know. Okay?

This guy got an even worse response:

Tried to get a refund today, they said they will not do it and have a given us a year to maximize the app! Let us know if you somehow break through.

Unless you purchased your workout within the last thirty days, Xbox Fitness is non-refundable:

Talked to M$ support. Was able to get refund for Athlete 90 purchased one month ago. All prior XBOXFitness purchases are non-refundable.

If Microsoft can’t refund they money to people who paid for content in a service they are shutting down, at the very least they should offer store credit that can be spent on other stuff within their eco-system. Otherwise, there are going to be a lot of pissed off Xbox Fitness users once this gets more attention…