Independence Day: Resurgence is Another Fun Sequel the Internet Will Hate


independence-day-resurgenceYou’ve probably already seen it, the internet hate brigade for Independence Day: Resurgence has begun. But it’s completely undeserved. The sequel twenty years in the making delivers much on what has been hinted to ID4 fans over the last two decades while setting up an epic conclusion to the trilogy. This won’t be a full review, more of a defense of the movie against the haters already pounding on their keyboards to beat it down.

One thing you need to remember about the original ID4 is that even if many members of the internet hate mob weren’t even alive when the original came out in 1996, they’ve spent the last twenty years watching the movie over and over. Much like A Christmas Story, the move is on repeat every Fourth of July on cable. With the movie on all day long once a year for the past decade-plus, thats a lot exposure people have to the original and that nostalgia clouds expectations for any sequel.

A lot of the internet hate is actually complaining that the movie isn’t a beat-for-beat remake of the original. People are mad that it doesn’t repeat the same steps as the first movie with the aliens arriving, getting their ships in place, and then attacking with tons of big destruction scenes. If it did that, then it would just be a repeat.

There is a big alien ship that shows up, and it does destroy a couple of cities. But why complain that they didn’t show them destroying major cities again? We saw that in the first movie. The sequel needs to be different, otherwise it’s just like the second Austin Powers movie where they repeat all the same jokes from the first one and ends up sucking.

Effects in 2016 can do things they couldn’t in 1996 even with early CG work being used in the original Independence Day. At the end of that movie we see the aliens preparing ground forces for invasion, but we never got to see humans fighting the aliens on foot due to both the story in that movie as well as technical limitations of 1996 effects. Independence Day: Resurgence finally can show humans fighting the aliens on foot, thanks to them now being CGI.

Likewise the story, and where it will go in a third movie, has no limits thanks to modern visual effects. Independence Day: Resurgence sets up an epic science fiction movie that will close out this trilogy that will take the characters in to a place I doubt many people thought the story would go after the 1996 original. It’s big and extremely “sci-fi” and not really something we’re seeing on the big screen these days. I’m really excited for what their new Stargate trilogy will look like after this.

Most importantly, Independence Day: Resurgence has the same goofy fun tone the original had. There’s no big rousing speech by the president this time, but how could you ever top the first one? Instead it combines an alien invasion disaster movie with a giant monster movie and ends up making you want the third installment to come out right away.

As a fan of ID4 since the day it opened in theaters in 1996, Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel I had hoped for. I just hope the internet hate doesn’t scare people away from it and we get a conclusion to the trilogy.