Bantha Poodoo: Cutting Through the Star Wars Clickbait (Week of 6/19/2016)


With Lucasfilm producing a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time, everyone wants to quickly cash-in on the franchise with some quick and stupid Star Wars stories. As a service to our readers we’ll be running down each week’s bit of Star Wars clickbait on the internet to try to debunk this week’s Star Wars stupidity.

If you missed this article last week it’s because I was a bit under the weather. Thankfully there wasn’t any crazy Star Wars clickbait going around, but that changed…

Fake Scoopers Are Being Given Attention


Over the last two weeks a couple of very dumb things have happened when it comes to people believing fake Star Wars Episode VIII “scoops”. Two notorious fakers, who do nothing more than invent bogus stories for attention, have been given platforms to spread their lies.

The first is a kid obsessed with Daisy Ridley who goes by the name of KY10REY online. He set up Twitter and Facebook accounts under that name while claiming to be an “insider” working inside Pinewood Studios, and that’s exactly the sort of thing a real person working on Episode VIII wouldn’t do.


Both Twitter and Facebook are social media outlets that actually have full control of your information when you sign up for them. If a real “insider” was using Twitter or Facebook to spread confidential information that violated their Non-Disclosure Agreement, all Lucasfilm has to do is fire off a DMCA notice to the site to pull down the information and reveal all identifying information they have on file. That means the IP address of whoever was using the account. That IP address could then be used to track the person down and land him in court for breaking his massive NDA.

Someone even asked Pablo about this kid’s Facebook page and his claims of being an insider and his response was pretty awesome.

The other faker this week is a YouTuber by the name of Mike Zeroh, who was given attention by the Metro newspaper in the UK as well as Sky TV. He was spreading around a fake story about Luke dismantling a lightsaber using the Force, and some gullible sites in the US picked it up believing it to be legit because they don’t know his history.

The problem is the source on this big Episode VIII scoop is a notorious faker who makes up false Star Wars “scoops” to boost his YouTube views. Most Star Wars fans are well aware of the BS he tries to pull off, as even Reddit rejects anything sourced by him. Back in February he was spreading around a bogus Episode VIII title (Tale of the Jedi Temple), which by now most people should know is completely false as the movie doesn’t yet have a title. It’s just “Episode VIII” for now.

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, some YouTube users found that if you make a video while spouting off your fan fiction of the plot, you’d get a ton of hits and a nice little bit of money from ads. Mike Zeroh is one of those fakers who likes to spread around complete lies just to promote his YouTube channel, and now a British Tabloid has given him all the attention he’s ever craved.

There are legitimate sources of Episode VIII information out there, and after the events of The Force Awakens’ spoiler wars it should be pretty apparent who those sources are. Anyone who posts a Twitter profile claiming to work at Pinewood or someone who made up fake Episode VII plots on YouTube aren’t exactly the best places to look for real information on upcoming Star Wars movies.