Details on the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut


batman-v-supermanEarlier this week Best Buy’s Cinemanow Ultraviolet streaming site accidentally made a SD version of the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut available to view. They’ve since disabled the link so people have to wait until Tuesday to see the movie again, but that came after many people were able to watch the new and improved three-hour cut of Batman V Superman.

The three-hour version of the movie is clearly the original cut as it was intended to be seen, as this is a vastly superior movie that makes the theatrical cut look like a butchered version done just to get it under a certain runtime in order to allow more showings in theaters each day.

There really isn’t one huge sequence added that makes up the majority of the thirty added minutes. Instead, most scenes have more lines and footage added at the beginning or end to completely resolve all of the pacing and editing issues people noticed in the theatrical cut. A few examples are:

  • The opening Africa scene is much improved with additional footage. The scene of the men on horseback from the earlier trailers is restored as part of this scene. They’re CIA guys sent in after Jimmy Olsen is exposed and killed, but after KGBeast kills everyone in the compound.
  • There’s more dialog between Clark and Lois in the bathtub.
  • The African woman who sparks the investigation into Superman is an actress hired by Luthor. He makes her disappear thanks to KGBeast shoving her in front of a moving train.
  • Speaking of Luthor, his evil plan is explained better for those who didn’t pay attention during the theatrical cut.
  • Some scenes are edited differently. For example, the scene where Clark is cooking eggs has a TV report about Africa playing, instead of the Batman report in the theatrical cut.
  • There is a bit more blood in the action.
  • The Death of Superman is extended a bit with a new shot of Diana looking down on his corpse.

Overall, the biggest thing is that the pacing and editing issues so many people savaged the movie over back in March are completely gone in the Ultimate Cut. It really shows how chopped up the theatrical release was, and much like the Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut it massively improves the movie. Those who loved BvS will love it even more, and those who had issues with how the movie was put together may find something they like here.