Forest Whitaker is Playing a Character From The Clone Wars in Rogue One



Those people who like to pretend that The Clone Wars animated series isn’t Star Wars canon can now go and do a swan dive right into the Sarlaac. A character who debuted in The Clone Wars is featured in Rogue One and will be played by Forest Whitaker.

Saw Gerrera appeared (with his sister) in the fifth season of The Clone Wars, and today Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the character is in Rogue One and was seen in the trailer. This will mark the first character who debuted in The Clone Wars animated series to appear in a live-action Star Wars movie.

While Legends fans were hoping he’d be connected to that old fan fiction in some way, it’s pretty cool that they are showing people that all of Star Wars canon can exist in the live action movies. Pulling a character who only appeared in a couple episodes of The Clone Wars is a pretty awesome way to do that.