Episode VIII Footage at Star Wars Celebration London?



We’re less than a month away from Star Wars Celebration London, and now there’s a very slight chance there may be some Star Wars Episode VIII footage shown there.

Right now in Las Vegas the annual Licensing Expo is underway. This is an annual convention where companies show off what they have coming in the next year and a half to secure lucrative licensing deals. Often stuff very far out is given a first peek, and apparently there was footage of Episode 8 screened there:

Spoken to people that saw Star Wars Episode 8 footage at License Expo in Vegas. Wondering if it's same footage they show at Celebration.

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) June 21, 2016


Right now it’s not known how much footage was shown at the Licensing Expo. Also, the main focus at Celebration next month will be Rogue One, as that’s when the next trailer will be revealed.