That Ep8 \’Luke Dismantling a Lightsaber\’ Story is Fake


The Daily Mail British Tabloid today is running a story about how Luke will spectacularly dismantle a lightsaber in front of Rey in Star Wars Episode VIII.

The problem is the source on this big Episode VIII scoop is a notorious faker who makes up false Star Wars “scoops” to boost his YouTube views. He’s named Mike Zeroh, and most Star Wars fans are well aware of the BS he tries to pull off. Back in February he was spreading around a bogus Episode VIII title (Tale of the Jedi Temple), which by now most people should know is completely false as the movie doesn’t yet have a title. It’s just “Episode VIII” for now.

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, some YouTube users found that if you make a video while spouting off your fan fiction of the plot, you’d get a ton of hits and a nice little bit of money from ads. Mike Zeroh is one of those fakers who likes to spread around complete lies just to promote his YouTube channel, and now a British Tabloid has given him all the attention he’s ever craved.

Much like KY10REY, who we told you about last week, this is one person who isn’t an “insider” and they don’t have legitimate information about Star Wars Episode VIII.