Zack Snyder & WB Muzzle the Biggest BvS Hater Critics


batman-v-supermanToday you may be seeing some tweets from critics and bloggers who are visiting the Justice League set in London. A lot of these bloggers were some of the biggest Batman V Superman haters this year, and some thought this was a way for Warner Bros. to win them over. However when they arrived in London they found out the truth.

As most people with half a brain expected, everyone had to sign a NDA when they got there. This is common practice for set visits. The studio wants to hold all information the people learned via their visit to closer to the film’s release as part of the promotional plan for the movie. So any interviews they get or impressions are naturally going to be held until next November.

However, there’s a side effect to having these specific bloggers sign NDAs they aren’t able to run Justice League rumors on their sites. Some of these people used negative Batman V Superman rumors (some of which were completely bogus) to shape perception of the movie before it came out, and now they can’t do that thanks to their Justice League set visit. Sure, some will run rumors on their sites via a different writer, but the big names can’t do it themselves.

This was actually a pretty brilliant way for Snyder to shut up those people who are trying to spread bogus rumors of him being fired from Justice League.