Fox Isn\’t Showing Independence Day: Resurgence Early


IDR Super Bowl

Brace yourself for people predicting a terrible Independence Day sequel, as it’s come out that Fox isn’t going to be holding traditional advanced screenings for most critics. Many online critics have been told that there won’t be advanced screenings, although they are welcome to attend the first public screening for free.

Normally this wold be a big red flag for most movies. Usually when they don’t show a movie for critics, it means the studio lacks confidence in it and doesn’t want negative reviews hurting the opening box office. However that’s not always the case, especially in these days of the internet and how fast spoilers can be spread.

Lucasfilm didn’t screen The Force Awakens for critics prior to the premiere. That’s due to JJ Abrams’ Mystery Box and how they didn’t want any spoilers (Han’s death, Cameo Luke) to get out officially before the movie was released. It’s entirely possible there’s some really big surprise at the end of IDR (a cliffhanger, perhaps?) that Fox doesn’t want to see spread all over social media before the release next Friday…