A Public Service Announcement About Episode VIII \’Insiders\’



Over the last few weeks there’s been an increasing amount of completely bogus Episode VIII “insider” information being spread by a certain person online. This person, who goes by the handle “KY10REY” claims to be a person working at Pinewood Studios during production of Episode VIII. Aside from the easily debunked information he spreads, there’s one major red flag many people are missing.

This guy set up Twitter and Facebook pages for himself under the KY10REY name. While most kids obsessed with Daisy Ridley may not realize this, that’s exactly the sort of thing a real person working on Episode VIII wouldn’t do.


Both Twitter and Facebook are social media outlets that actually have full control of your information when you sign up for them. If a real “insider” was using Twitter or Facebook to spread confidential information that violated their Non-Disclosure Agreement, all Lucasfilm has to do is fire off a DMCA notice to the site to pull down the information and reveal all identifying information they have on file. That means the IP address of whoever was using the account. That IP address could then be used to track the person down and land him in court for breaking his massive NDA.

Someone even asked Pablo about this kid’s Facebook page and his claims of being an insider (while I was writing this up) and his response was pretty awesome:

@AloBrickfilm2 then he would be an idiot, right?

— Pablo Hidalgo (@pablohidalgo) June 16, 2016


Yes, there are people out there who leak information about Star Wars movies. But they don’t do it with easily identifiable social media sites. They don’t even do it on a website they own (for pretty much the same reason as above). They cover their tracks, sometimes filtering it through more than one person before it gets to whoever can disseminate the information on a legitimate website.

A kid obsessed with Daisy Ridley trying to make a name for his handle by leaking fake Episode VIII information on a Facebook page and Twitter page? That’s not an insider.