Spielberg Burns Fantastic Four\’s Josh Trank



Everyone knows how bad last year’s Fantastic Four was, but Spielberg hasn’t even heard of its director. Even though Josh Trank was set to direct a Star Wars spinoff prior to all of the Fantastic Four drama, Spielberg acted like he’s never heard of him in a new interview.

As part of the THR interview with Spielberg, he was asked about Josh Trank:

So when you look at young directors, how do you know you’re not hiring another Josh Trank [who directed the Fox bomb Fantastic Four]?

SPIELBERG Who is that?


If you haven’t seen Fantastic Four, it was recently airing on HBO and you may still be able to catch it there. Otherwise, if you’re really a glutton for punishment you may be able to find it cheaply in the discount DVD bin. It’s seriously one of the worst superhero movies ever made.