Sony Tries to Downplay Microsoft\’s Project Scorpio Hardware Power


project+scorpioThis week at E3 Microsoft officially confirmed they are working on a more powerful Xbox One currently called Project Scorpio. This Xbox One will allow full native 4K gaming at 60fps thanks to its 6 TFLOPs GPU. For those who don’t know much about GPU horsepower, that’s roughly equivalent to the highest end PC graphics cards available at the moment (think a Nvidia 980 or 1080).

Sony has been working on a more powerful PS4 codenamed “Neo”. However, this new PS4 likely won’t be able to pull off full native 4K gaming due to the current rumor that the system won’t come close to 6 TFLOPs (current rumor is about 4 TFLOPs). In an interview with Time, it appears that Sony is aware of this and Sony’s Shawn Layden tries to deflect the narrative away from console power:

“Is that going to be the end-all, be-all of the gaming experience? No,” he said. “I think more than anything else today, we’re seeing the power of narrative move the gaming business forward more than ever before.”

This is pretty hilarious as over the past three years all gamers have heard is how much more powerful the PlayStation 4 is over the Xbox One. Now that the tables have turned, and Microsoft has a Xbox One that will be more powerful than the new PS4, Sony is talking more about game narrative than hardware power.