Indy Won\’t Die in Indiana Jones 5


Spielberg Indy 5 Harrison Ford
Indiana Jones won’t be kicking the bucket in the next installment of the series.

You won’t be seeing a headline like that, because this is the sort of thing that clickbait sites like to hide behind “you won’t believe what Spielberg just revealed about Indy 5!” But that’s what happened today. There’s a big profile of Spielberg in The Hollywood Reporter, mostly focusing on Dreamworks and business stuff, but he does reveal that he won’t be killing off Indiana Jones in the next movie.

But didn’t we already kind of know this?

Last October, even before Indy 5 was official, Frank Marshall said they wouldn’t be re-casting Indiana Jones. Basically no one except Harrison Ford will play the character, so they won’t be doing the “Bond” thing by passing the name to another actor. That doesn’t rule out a passing of the torch to a character with a different name, but they won’t be killing off Indy or having some younger actor pick up the role later on.

And why would you kill off Indy? This isn’t Han Solo. Most people know that Ford enjoys Indy a lot more than he did Star Wars, so why kill off a character that everyone seems to like revisiting? Sure, Ford is getting older but it really isn’t the years…it’s the mileage. And I honestly like seeing an older Indy dealing with stuff in the 60s. You’ll never see Spielberg direct Indy fighting “cartoon Nazis” again, so just deal with what they give you.