What Star Wars Titles EA Revealed At E3 2016


Yesterday EA held their E3 press conference and revealed only a short video teasing new Star Wars titles. Even without specifics, the video did reveal some interesting things if you look closely enough.

Everyone knew that Bespin and Lando would be coming to Battlefront (this month), so that isn’t news. But the video went on to address the other EA studios working on Star Wars games and if you look for details you can figure out some things.

Criterion (Star Wars VR)


Criterion (the Burnout developers) are working on a Star Wars VR experience likely tied to the Battlefront brand. A quick clip of their game inside a cockpit of an X-Wing was shown. Maybe this will be an “Eve Valkyrie” style VR experience for Star Wars fans, which could be awesome!

EA Motive (Likely Battlefront 2)


We know DICE is pretty busy with Battlefield 1, but EA already announced Battlefront 2 is coming in 2017. So it’s very possible that EA Motive is working on Battlefront 2. It’s also possible that they’re doing the single-player campaign while DICE does the multi-player. It’s also pretty much a lock that whatever they’re working on is set in the TFA era as concept art showed First Order ships.

EA Visceral (Third-Person Action/Adventure)


Finally we got to see a brief gameplay clip from Amy Hennig’s Star Wars title that’s been in development at EA Visceral for a while. From the short clip it appears as if this could be set either in the Rebellion era or shortly after when the Empire was still around. This one isn’t due until 2018, but it’s likely going to be the Star Wars title people have been waiting for ever since EA got the exclusive rights to the franchise…

Here’s the full Star Wars preview video: