A Freelance Artist DOES NOT Know Rey\’s Parentage



There’s a picture from a freelance artist making people think that Rey is Luke Skywalkers daughter, when the artist doesn’t know who her parents actually are.

The images are being spread around Reddit via this Imgur gallery, and it’s simply a painting a freelance artist named Rodel Gonzalez did. Since his profile says he’s licensed by “Lucas Films” (it’s Lucasfilm, idiots), desperate “Rey Skywalker” hopefuls on the internet are taking this as confirmation of Rey’s parentage. Except it’s not.

Lucasfilm didn’t even tell Daisy Ridley her character’s backstory when they were filming The Force Awakens. What makes you think they’ll tell some random freelance artist Rey’s parentage when the actor playing the character wasn’t even told? If you think they wouldn’t you’d be right. If you seriously think they’d do that, then you deserve to be disappointed when your headcanon about Rey’s parentage doesn’t become true in a couple of movies.