Warcraft Has Already Made More Than The Force Awakens (in China)


Warcraft Movie Trailer Teaser

Duncan Jones’ awesome Warcraft (seriously if you like the game, go see it!) may be on the hit-list for US critics, but it’s smashing records in China.

China is rapidly becoming an even bigger box office market than the US, which is why movie studios have been focusing so much on it. Universal is one of those and previously Fast 7 held the highest opening record in the Middle Kingdom, until Duncan Jones’ Orcs and Humans invaded the country. The excellent adaptation of Blizzard’s marquee franchise quickly smashed Fast & The Furious’ box office record over there and since release has already made $125 million.

That number means that in less than a week, Warcraft has made more money in China than The Force Awakens did in its entire run. To be fair, Star Wars was pretty unfamiliar to the country due to the first six movies having been banned there for decades. Disney made an effort to introduce people to Star Wars before Episode VII’s release, but it obviously didn’t do as well there as they hoped.

In the US, critics are trashing Warcraft for no reason other than mob mentality to dogpile whatever movie they want to beat down. It’s a great Warcraft movie and easily the best video game movie of all time. Due to critics deciding to torpedo Duncan Jones’ movie, its box office will likely suffer in the US. However, much like Pacific Rim a few years ago the international take (including China) will hopefully be enough to allow Jones to finish the planned Warcraft trilogy.