BvS Cinematographer Now Says EVERYONE Will Love the Ultimate Edition



Last week when the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman was announced, Cinematographer Larry Fong made news when he basically said it wouldn’t change anyone’s minds about the movie. Now he’s changed his opinion.

He tweeted that after watching the Ultimate Edition again, he’s now sure that everyone will love this version of Batman V Superman:

Watched the #UltimateEdition again; now believe EVERYONE will LOVE it. Pre-order TODAY! #BatmanvSuperman #WBHomeEnt

— Larry Fong (@larryfong) June 10, 2016


We’re only a couple weeks away from the digital release of it, so we’ll know then if he’s right. But this has happened before. Ridley Scott’s theatrical cut of Kingdom of Heaven wasn’t well received, but his extended directors cut is one of his best movies. The same thing goes for Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, where the Ultimate Cut is the vastly superior version.