Transformers: The Movie Finally Coming to Blu-Ray!


transformers-the-movieEven though it’s been available internationally for a couple of years in HD, Transformers: The Movie will finally be coming to Blu-Ray in the US this September.

Nerdist broke the news today of the 1986 animated classic coming out in high-definition in celebration of its 30th anniversary:

“To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, Hasbro Studios and Shout! Factory have struck a multi-year agreement to distribute the film on Blu-ray and select digital platforms in this continent, something which fans have been clamoring for for years. It’s a partnership that will give the world a collector’s edition of the film, an HD transfer of the original 35mm elements, and a collection of high quality extra for which Shout! is known.”

The current DVD actually includes the original aspect ratio for the movie, as well as a cropped widescreen presentation. It’s not known yet which the Blu-Ray will include, but Shout! factory is usually extremely good with presenting the movies they put out correctly. The Blu-Ray will hit shelves on September 13th.