Black Robes on a Star Wars Set Do Not Mean a Funeral


Star Wars Funeral

Over the last week likely bogus rumors of a big funeral scene have come out about Star Wars Episode VIII, and the origin is pretty laughable.

The rumor says there will be a massive funeral for Han Solo in the movie. Why a smuggler would receive a state funeral from a government that was vaporized in The Force Awakens is a mater for people to debate on the Jedi Council Forums, but the origin of the rumor means it’s likely made up. It’s possible they will deal with Han’s death in some way in Episode VIII, I’m not “dying on a hill” to say they won’t, but this rumor comes from people not understanding what they see in spy photos from the set.

When Star Wars Episode VIII was filming in Dubrovnik, there were people spotted wearing long black robes. This is actually common for major movies. They did it on the first Abrams Star Trek movie, and Abrams did the same thing when filming in Puzzlewood for the Takodana forest scenes. Does that mean Star Trek and The Force Awakens had major funeral scenes? Of course not.

The black robes being used during the Episode VIII filming were there to hide the costumes from people taking pictures. In The Force Awakens they even put the robes over Stormtroopers to hide what the new armor looked like. People saw photos of extras wearing dark robes and immediately created an elaborate story in their heads about the scene being an important political funeral for Han Solo. That story started to get spread around, and it’s now starting to go viral.