GameSpot Misrepresented PC Overwatch to Make the PS4 Version Look Better


overwatchOverwatch is by far one of the best games on the market right now, and no matter what platform you play it on you’re going to have a great time. But that’s no reason to misrepresent the excellent PC version just to make the console version on the PS4 look better, but that’s exactly what gaming website Gamespot has done…and people are pissed over it.

This actually happened in a video back at the end of March, but people are just now noticing it as the game is actually released and prominent YouTuber Total Biscuit called them out on their BS:

This has resulted in a mass number of dislikes on the video:

Basically they ran the PC version on Low settings, which made the PS4 version look as if it had better graphics and performance than the PC. As someone who plays the PC version on full EPIC settings (and also owns the PS4 version), I can assure you that the game does look and run much better on the PC. The console versions are about equal to the “High” settings from the PC.

Gamespot should really pull the video, but since gaming “journalism” is really nothing more the system fanboys being paid to spread their biases they’ll probably keep it up to continue to misrepresent what the superior PC version of Overwatch really looks like.