Final Fantasy XII Receiving a HD Remaster in 2017


Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy fans remember the last great entry to the series on the PlayStation 2 as a real innovative, and ahead of its time, FF game. Final Fantasy XII came out towards the end of the PS2’s life just as the PlayStation 3 was nearing release, meaning that it didn’t quite see as many players as Final Fantasy X or XIII did. Thankfully if you missed the game you’ll get another chance next year.

This morning Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the PlayStation 4. Releasing in 2017, this will be a HD remaster of the original game, but they will be including all of the bonus features and additional gameplay that the previously Japanese-exclusive International version did. That means the additional character development system and UI improvements will be coming along with it, along with new PS4 trophies and auto-save functionality.

With the Final Fantasy VII remake expected for next fall, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing the Final Fantasy XII remaster sometime in the first half of the year. Here’s the first trailer for it: