Rogue One Reshoots Have Nothing to do With \’Tone\’


When news came out this week about the normal reshoot process for Rogue One, the internet freaked out when a report said it was to lighten the tone of the Star Wars “war” movie. Now the truth about the reshoots has come out, and they aren’t lightening up the serious movie in any way.

Entertainment Weekly got to the bottom of the controversy and learned:

“Fears that the heavy-duty war movie is being watered down into a lighthearted caper are unfounded, according to what EW has learned. “The movie is very different than [The Force Awakens], and that’s intentional,” one source says. “It’s a war film.”

Rumors that Disney executives have forced the changes to make the movie more family friendly are also false. According to EW’s sources, there have been no test screenings, and it’s unlikely there ever will be on a Star Wars film.”

They also learned that it’s not Christopher McQuarrie who’ll be assisting with the reshoots (he did work on the script), but Tony Gilroy who worked on the script for the reshoots and will be the 2nd unit director on them.