Marvel Studios Regains the Rights to Namor?


NamorOne of the Marvel characters that has been in a rights limbo for a while is Namor. Unlike the Mutants at Fox or Spider-Man at Sony, Namor was basically off on his own at another studio.

Now it seems like Marvel may have Namor back in their fold. On Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, Joe Quesada makes it sound like that is the case. CBR has a transcript:

“I can’t speak for studios…As far as I know, yeah we do. It’s not at Fox, it’s not at Sony…Yeah.”

For the longest time it was believed that Universal held the rights to the Sub Mariner. The “complicated” nature Feige alluded to was believed to be a Hulk situation where it could be possible for Marvel to make a Namor movie, but Universal would have to distribute it. If that’s changed then it means that Marvel could do their own Namor movie now, which would obviously be compared to DC’s upcoming Aquaman film…