Bantha Poodoo: Cutting Through the Star Wars Clickbait (Week of 5/29/2016)


With Lucasfilm producing a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time, everyone wants to quickly cash-in on the franchise with some quick and stupid Star Wars stories. As a service to our readers we’ll be running down each week’s bit of Star Wars clickbait on the internet to try to debunk this week’s Star Wars stupidity.

Standard Practice for Most Movies Becomes Star Wars Clickbait

Rogue One

This week was an epic facepalm for Star Wars Clickbait as a British tabloid report fired everyone up when it came out that Rogue One had a month of reshoots planned for this summer. Nearly every major movie does this, and it’s almost always baked into the schedule from the beginning and the actors know that they’ll be going back for additional shooting. Sometimes it’s to fix things that weren’t captured well during principle photography, other times it’s to add new things or make changes to existing scenes.

You know that great line by Poe Dameron where he asks Kylo who talks first? That was shot doing the reshoots for The Force Awakens. The last Star Wars movie that was released had extensive reshoots in the summer of 2014, but you didn’t hear the doom and gloom about that movie when they were doing the reshoots. In fact, most people didn’t even know they were doing reshoots as it’s a normal part of the filming process.

The Rogue One reshoots have been known for months among real Star Wars fans who were following the production, but all it takes is one British tabloid to fan the flames of clickbait to put out all sorts of bogus stories about what’s going on. For example, there was no test audience screening – Lucasfilm doesn’t do that…ever. Then there’s the word of a “special character” being inserted into the reshoots. Sites like to claim this is Young Han Solo to boost up their casting scoops for that movie, but it’s not him.

Rogue One’s production is sure to have enough skeletons in its closet to fill an excellent Rinzler “Making of” book sometime. Much like Return of the Jedi, there are likely to be some secrets that will be kept for many decades about what really went on with this movie…

Good Star Wars News: “Lucasfilm”, Sensationalist Clickbait: “Disney”


The sensationalist clickbait over the Rogue One reshoots also illustrated something interesting when it came to reporting on Star Wars stories in general.

When it’s a positive story where they want to give the creative team behind Star Wars kudos, they’ll always use “Lucasfilm” (or some horrible mangling of that name) to describe who’s responsible for whatever they’re praising. But when it’s a sensational clickbait story that they want to rile people up with, it’s an evil nebulous “Disney” that’s responsible for whatever they’re getting all offended over.

This just shows that people are ignorant when it comes to how Disney runs things in 2016, while at the same time exploiting those who were angry over Disney buying Lucasfilm. If you write a story saying how evil Disney is with something Star Wars related, those low-educated jilted “fans” will share it with all of their friends and will get you a lot of traffic. You don’t see people doing the same thing with Marvel or Pixar, which makes the practice of blaming an evil “Disney” for Star Wars wrongs a completely exploitative practice and among the worst kinds of Star Wars clickbait.