Liberty City GTAV Picture Fuels DLC Theories


gtav-liberty-cityThere has long been rumors of upcoming story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, and a new image of Liberty City running in the engine has fueled more theories. It’s an image of an area in Liberty City that nearly matches the GTAIV location, only with much better graphics due to it running on the GTAV image.

The image was found by fans on the GTAForums and was in an online portfolio by someone named Adrian Page. The image has since been deleted, but people dug around and found out that Adrian Page is also the name of someone working as an artist at Rockstar.

E3 2016 is just over a week away, and if they were planning to make some kind of story DLC for GTAV that would be the place. There have already been some pretty big leaks for E3 so far (such as the title for the new Elder Scrolls game), and while GTAV DLC wouldn’t be a surprise a return to Liberty City is definitely a cool idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if one DLC was set in Liberty City and a second was set in Vice City? It’d be cool to see those locations in the GTAV engine.