British Tabloid Claims Disney is Worried About Rogue One



A British Tabloid story is making waves today with “news” that Disney is unhappy with Rogue One and is ordering reshoots. Except, that’s not how Disney operates in regards to Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar.

The Page Six story says that Disney thinks Rogue One is too dark and has ordered a month of expensive reshoots this summer. But just by claiming that “Disney” is ordering this based on test screenings, it’s easy to see it’s a BS rumor made up by someone who has no clue as to how the company operates in 2016.

If this story was written in the 90s, during the meddling Eisner-era of Disney then sure, it could be possible. But in 2016 that’s simply not how Iger’s Disney operates. Even with Alan Horn running the movie studio, the company doesn’t go in and tell Lucasfilm how to make their Star Wars movies. Likewise they also let Marvel and Pixar do their thing without interference, as that is the philosophy Disney operates under with Iger in charge. It’s always worked, and there’s no reason to change that.

Every movie has some kind of reshoots, likely due to something not being captured on film correctly during principle production. And it’s possible Rogue One may have some pick-up shots coming. But is it because Disney (not Lucasfilm) is ordering changes? Probably (and most likely) not.