Bantha Poodoo: Cutting Through the Star Wars Clickbait (Week of 5/22/2016)


jabba-the-huttWith Lucasfilm producing a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time, everyone wants to quickly cash-in on the franchise with some quick and stupid Star Wars stories. As a service to our readers we’ll be running down each week’s bit of Star Wars clickbait on the internet to try to debunk this week’s Star Wars stupidity.

Sorry, You Aren’t Getting The Force Awakens on Netflix


Numerous sites ran multiple clickbait articles earlier this week about the upcoming Netflix/Disney exclusivity deal. Basically for all Disney releases from 2016 on, Netflix becomes the first-run location for them after they hit home video. Right now, Starz has that deal with Disney which is why you see all of the new Marvel and Disney releases on that channel.

Despite what the most of the articles hinted at, you won’t be streaming The Force Awakens on Netflix when the deal goes into effect in September. As The Force Awakens was a 2015 release, it still fell under the current deal Disney had with Starz. That means the movie will be playing on Starz when the Disney/Netflix deal kicks off. Most likely with movies such as Zootopia and The Finest Hours.

Even worse the Starz deal could be easily found just with a simple Google search, but no one bothered to research that. Instead they made images with the Netflix logo in scenes from The Force Awakens to make it look like it was coming to the streaming service.

A New Stormtrooper Suddenly Revealed? Nope.


This week Lucasfilm revealed the official artwork for Star Wars Celebration 2016. In truth the only major reveal on the art was that the new Imperial Walkers were AT-CTs and not AT-ATs, but that didn’t stop people from dissecting the art for some quick Star Wars clickbait.

Specifically, the yellow Shoretrooper at the bottom was a target of this, with some sites claiming it was a new reveal no one had seen before. Except most Star Wars fans know that to be a completely made up lie to get clicks.

1. The helmet was one of the three that Donnie Yen accidentally leaked on Instagram last year.
2. The trooper was actually seen in the teaser trailer:

This week was an example of how just a little bit of research could prevent your site from running bogus Star Wars clickbait that abuses and exploits fans just for attention.