The Star Trek Beyond International Poster Features BMX Kirk


Star Trek Beyond

Paramount has released the international poster for Star Trek Beyond, and it highlights one of the big complaints about the movie.

Kirk flying through the air on a BMX bike is featured prominently on the poster, leading some Star Trek fans to think those old “Guardians of the Trek” rumors were true. Not long ago, after Paramount scrapped the initial script that would’ve featured both Spock Prime and Old Kirk in the movie, there was a rumor that they basically wanted to copy Guardians of the Galaxy with the third Star Trek movie.

The Starfleet jackets, and more action orientated stuff featured in the trailers, certainly make it look like that is exactly what they decided to do with the third movie set in the Abramsverse. If Star Trek fans want something that is really true to the franchise’s values, they’ll probably have to wait for the CBS All Access TV series that will begin in January and pass up Star Trek BMX.