HBO Accidentally Pirated Sunday\’s Game of Thrones


Hold the Door Game of Thrones

It turns out HBO itself accidentally held the door open for pirates to torrent this past episode of Game of Thrones.

The episode, which sent Game of Thrones fans into tears due to the emotional reveal in it, was leaked online prior to it airing…and it was all HBO’s fault. The network explained to Variety:

“This past Sunday’s episode was made available early on the HBO Nordic platform temporarily due to a technical issue, at which time it seems to have been copied,” a spokesperson told Variety. “Upon learning of the incident, we used the available means to limit further access to the episode.”

So basically they accidentally put the episode online on HBO Nordic early, at which point people quickly grabbed the source file and uploaded the pirated episode to torrent sites early. And this time HBO was partially responsible for it hitting those sites before it even aired for the rest of the world.