The Force Awakens WILL NOT Be Streaming on Netflix in September


Today Netflix announced that their long-gestating exclusivity deal with Disney will go into effect in September, but The Force Awakens will not be included. This deal is actually old news as it’s been pending for a few years now, but it only affects Disney movies released from January of 2016 onwards. As The Force Awakens was a December 2015 release, it still is tied to Disney’s previous exclusivity deal with Starz.

Don’t believe me? Variety reported on this back in January:

“The network has acquired the pay-TV rights to the seventh installment in the “Star Wars” franchise, Variety has confirmed, as the last film in their output deal with Disney. “The Force Awakens” came out at the very end of 2015, barely allowing Starz to secure the rights under the deal.”

You’re probably seeing a lot of sites claiming that you’ll be able to watch The Force Awakens on Netflix in September when this deal goes into effect. But you won’t. Those sites are either not aware of Disney’s previous deal with Starz, the fact that the Netflix deal only affects movies released from 2016 onward, or they are conveniently ignoring the facts to post clickbait.