Notorious eBook Scam Site Now Spreading False Black Panther Info


T'Chaka Black PantherMarvel’s new Black Panther comic book is the #1 best seller right now, and the Ryan Coogler movie has been in the news lately with the Michael B. Jordan news. With Black Panther getting so much attention, that means scammers will do anything they can to get your clicks in the hope that you’ll buy their eBook.

That’s what’s happening again with the infamous “Movie Casting Call” eBook scam.

This site has a notorious history with posting false information in the hopes that people will buy his eBook with “casting tips” to get them cast in a big-name Disney movie. It’s nothing but a sham, and in the past they made life really hard for Star Wars fans such as when they claimed they were casting “Salty Sea Dogs” in The Force Awakens.

If you need any more proof this site is complete BS, they claim that Disney is looking for someone to play Everett K. Ross, when that role has already been filled in Captain America: Civil War by Martin Freeman.