The International Ghostbusters Trailer Doesn\’t Suck



There’s been a lot of controversy over Ghostbusters this week. It all began when the Angry Video Game Nerd posted on his YouTube channel that he’ll refuse to review the movie. His reasoning actually made sense. He simply doesn’t want to review it because he doesn’t agree with the movie using the “Ghostbusters” title instead of adding some kind of subtitle to differentiate it from the 1984 classic.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the cast of the movie, but that didn’t stop the identity politics outrage culture on the internet from calling him sexist and misogynist when he didn’t even bring up the cast once in his video. He felt the movie was using the “Ghostbusters” name to sell itself when they should’ve added a subtitle of sorts to separate it from the movie released back in 1984. But with the way the internet is in 2016, you absolutely must like this Ghostbusters movie or else you’re a sh*tlord.

Sony in the US has completely failed in marketing this Ghostbusters remake/reboot to the masses, which is why the international trailer released today is actually good. It shows off the humor and timing much better than any of the US trailers have so far, and it actually makes the movie seem watchable. I’ll be seeing it this July thanks to this trailer: