Bantha Poodoo: Cutting Through the Star Wars Clickbait (Week of 5/15/2016)


jabba-the-huttWith Lucasfilm producing a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time, everyone wants to quickly cash-in on the franchise with some quick and stupid Star Wars stories. As a service to our readers we’ll be running down each week’s bit of Star Wars clickbait on the internet to try to debunk this week’s Star Wars stupidity.

This article was intended to be weekly, however I was in the hospital all last week for surgery so we’ll be picking this up with something that happened prior to me going to the hospital:

Fake Bloodline Spoilers Used as Clickbait


In a YouTube video named “Kylo Ren’s Evil Origins Now Revealed!” Nerdist extrapolates one or two off-hand mentions of Ben Solo in Bloodline for a “definitive” theory as to how Kylo turned bad. We heard this theory a couple weeks ago and ran it as a RUMOR, but leave it to a YouTube video to declare it as absolute fact in a grab for views when Bloodline doesn’t definitively say how Kylo turned evil.

Anyone who actually read Bloodline could tell you that the book doesn’t really address what that video claims. It sets up possibilities of how it could happen, but there’s no scene in the book where Ben Solo turns to the Dark Side. This video is a perfect example of exploiting Star Wars fans for the purpose of clickbait.



This week not one, but two, completely fake and bogus “leaked” Episode VIII titles began to be spread around the internet. One (above) was posted to Reddit in the Star Wars Leaks subreddit to try to fool them and earn some karma from the “leaker” and it was also sent out to fansites to try fool them into running it as a legitimate title.

The second one was being spread on Twitter, and it’s even more hilariously fake than the other one. They don’t write “Final Title” on scripts, since Episode VIII doesn’t even have a title during production!

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo has to endure hundreds of Tweets every day asking him if something is canon or if Snoke really is Darth Plagueis, so it’s no surprise people bombarded him with questions on whether or not these are real titles. He Tweeted this, which pretty much kills any Episode VIII title “leak” for the foreseeable future:

If Episode VIII doesn’t currently have a title during production (just like The Force Awakens didn’t), then there’s no way an Episode VIII title could leak on the internet! That means every time you see someone claiming to have the title, they’re lying to you!