This Week\’s Bogus Episode VIII Title Leak Is…



Another week, another bogus Episode VIII title leak is being spread around the internet…

This one comes from a supposed staff member for Star Wars Celebration, which is coming up in two months in London. The problem is how they faked this “leak”.

Star Wars Celebration doesn’t take place until July 15-17 in London. That’s two months away. However, whoever made this “leak” is passing it off as a “staff member” “backstage” at Star Wars Celebration in London…right now. So unless this guy has a time machine and came from two months in the future, his story is completely bogus.

These people also forget what happened with The Force Awakens and its title:

  • The Force Awakens wasn’t even the title of the movie until September 2014. It didn’t even have an official title until two months prior to the end of filming.
  • Lucasfilm didn’t announce the official title of Episode VII until November 2014 when the movie completed filming.

Right now, the focus of Lucasfilm is 100% on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There’s going to be a Rogue One panel kicking off Celebration in July. It’s not an Episode VIII panel kicking off the convention, which is where a title would be announced if they were planning that. Instead they’re kicking off the convention with the Star Wars movie coming out in 2016, not one that’s more than a year an a half away.

It’s a shame some Star Wars “fans” don’t realize that there is a new Star Wars movie this year and instead try to hoax sites with stuff for a movie coming out next December.