Geoff Johns Will Co-Run DC Films!



Last night an announcement was made about Warner Bros. shaking up the executives in charge of DC Films, and it’s put Geoff Johns in command.

When this revelation came out, a lot of people on social media were laughing at it. They were saying it’s proof that Warner doesn’t know what it’s doing with the DC movies and making all sorts of dumb jokes.

These people are idiots.

If there is anyone who should be in charge of DC Films in a Kevin Feige-style role, it’s Geoff Johns. Ask anyone who actually reads DC Comics what Geoff Johns means to them and you’ll probably have to sit down as it’ll be a long speech.

Johns brought back Green Lantern. In the late 90s the GL books went way off the rails and were almost unrecognizable. He did Green Lantern: Rebirth, which returned Hal Jordan to the Corps and as the central Green Lantern. Over the next decade he shaped Green Lantern into what is is today introducing the color spectrum and delivering classic storylines such as Blackest Night and its follow-up Brightest Day.

But he wasn’t going to stop with Green Lantern. He also revived The Flash. From The Flash: Rebirth into the more recent Flashpoint, Geoff Johns defined the character for modern times and basically The CW television series is derived from his recent work on The Flash. There’s a lot of Rebirth and Flashpoint in the weekly adventures of Barry Allen.

During the New 53, Geoff Johns again reinvented a character and made Aquaman one of the coolest members of the DC universe. Seriously, even though Johns is off the book now, Aquaman’s story is really good now and that’s due to the work he did relaunching the book back in 2011. Johns also wrote Justice League for the entire length of the New 52, delivering some classic and epic storylines.

Most recently he’s applying his Rebirth philosophy to the entire line of DC Comics. If it works as well as it did for Green Lantern and The Flash, DC fans are in for a real special time of comics in the next few months.

Geoff Johns will only be co-running DC Films with Warner exec VP Jon Berg, but given who Johns is there really is no better choice on this planet to oversee the DC Comics film universe. If you’re a DC fan, I don’t see how you can’t be doing backflips over the idea of Geoff Johns being in charge of the movies. I’m very excited to see what’s coming now.