The Disappointing Truth About the Assassin\’s Creed Movie


Assassin's Creed Movie

Video game fans are hoping the Assassin’s Creed Movie will be a faithful adaptation of the hit series. Well, it won’t be.

In the Assassin’s Creed games, roughly 90% of the game is set in the past. Each game has a different historical setting, and the vast majority of the gameplay is set there. People generally hated the short parts set in the modern era as you want to adventure in the past. But apparently the filmmakers of the movie didn’t get that memo as they completely screwed it up.

According to IGN, the sequences in 15th century Spain only account for about 35% of the movie with the remaining 65% of it being set in present day. It’s the complete opposite of the games and it’s like they adapted what people hate most about the game series as a basis for the movie.

The trailer showcasing what is only 35% of the movie is pretty deceptive. Fans will go and see the movie based on the title, and then get really pissed off when the whole thing is set in the modern era. I admit, horrible music aside, the trailer made me excited to see an Assassin’s Creed movie. This news makes me not want to see it now.