Nintendo is Entering the Movie Business



Nintendo is trying to reinvent themselves with the March launch of their new system codenamed the “NX”, and now they want to enter the movie business as well.

Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima gave an interview with Japan’s Asahi Shinbun where he says the company plans to produce their own movies. He said they want to have the sort of control where they can do what they want, and hope to have the first movie out within 2-3 years. Of course they’re looking at they key franchises, which means a new and (actually good) Super Mario Bros. movie is possible.

This isn’t unusual for a games company to start making movies. Hasbo, a toy company that also publishes board games, has their own film arm that handles the Transformers and GI Joe movies. Nintendo will likely partner with a larger studio for distribution like Marvel did in their early days, but this means we’re probably finally going to see a Legend of Zelda movie.