Michael B. Jordan Cast in Black Panther


black-panther-logoIt’s not the most shocking casting news based on the director, but it has some interesting ramifications for Marvel movies.

When Ryan Coogler was named the director of Black Panther, you had to be kidding yourself to think he wasn’t going to be bringing Michael B. Jordan along with him. After Fruitvale Station and the awesome Creed, the duo are a package deal, where one goes so does the other. But now the big question is who Jordan will be playing in the movie, and there are already a whole bunch of theories being tossed around.

Even cooler, this will be a deathblow to Fox’s dark and gritty Fantastic Four franchise. With Michael B. Jordan in the MCU in Black Panther, Marvel probably won’t want him going back to being Johnny Storm. Even funnier is that Simon Kinberg was quoted just the other day that they still want to attempt another Fantastic Four movie with that cast. This casting news will kill any of those plans, so there’s another reason to be happy about this!